United Kingdom

Why study in the UK?

The UK has emerged as one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. A tradition that dates back hundreds of years, world-class educational institutions everywhere, and far more flexible than many other countries, the UK offers international students that no other English-speaking country can offer.

Global Community
International students have always been a major player in the UK and their numbers have been steadily increasing over the years. The United Kingdom is the second most popular destination for international students after the United States.

Global recognition
The degrees and qualifications of UK higher education institutions are recognized worldwide as high quality and world class.

Affordable education costs
Obtaining a degree in the UK generally takes less time than in other countries, saving you money compared to schools in the United States or Canada.

Employment Opportunities
International students in the UK are generally allowed to work full-time during class hours up to 20 hours per week and when the school is outside class hours.

Multicultural nation
Great Britain is known for its multicultural society, which is represented by almost all religions and beliefs. A mix of races, ethnicities and religions, Britain is very open to new traditions and cultures and is great for students from other countries.